Make 'N' Play (Rec-Y1)

Where: Horsforth High School, LS18 5RF    Camp Days: Running Every Day   Ages: Reception to Year 1

After a succesful launch in October, we are delighted to bring the Early Years workshop back this Christmas with plenty of festive fun for your young ones to enjoy!

Specially designed for your youngsters in Reception and Year 1, these fun-filled days combine a range of crafty challenges and creative expression with some of our most enjoyable active games!


With different Christmassy themes every day throughout the winter holidays, these tailored camps give your little one's the camp experience they deserve!


Whether it's trying out a new sport, taking part in confidence building games, or discovering new ways to express themselves through crafts, children will bring home plenty of goodies and even more smiles!


*EXTENDED HOURS AVAILABLE - select camp below to see all timings*

Make 'N' Play (Rec-Y1)

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